Vertical Farming


Marijuana for Medical Purposes (MMPR)

Today’s MMPR facilities are highly sophisticated and tightly managed environments requiring cutting edge software solutions.

With mission-critical requirements for data warehousing and automation (ranging from reporting and compliance purposes, to the business analytics) it is necessary to establish, measure, and implement industry “best practices”.

The Cannigistics’ Application Management Framework, (specifically designed for the MMPR industry), makes this easier!

A Cannigistics “technical” build is designed to provide the specialized targeted features to the sector by increasing efficiency in the workflow process…

The MMPR specific build includes a number of industry specific features including:

Standard Features:

  • Enterprise Document Management and Auditing
  • Quality Assurance Monitoring and Compliance
  • Compliance Regulation Links and Checklists

Optional Features:

  • Room and Access Monitoring, Control and Surveillance Auditing
  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics Auditing
  • Inventory Management and Control Auditing
  • Compliance Tools with in-depth Reports and Auditing
  • Business Intelligence and Analytic Auditing
  • Telecommunications and Call Center Auditing


Relevant Information

MMPR Licensed Producers in Canada:

The MMPR market in Canada is still emerging. There have been 858 applications submitted as of July 1st, 2014, with 200+ licenses still pending. 13 licenses have been issued. (suppliers listed on the Health Canada website)


Health Canada Statistic:

Health Canada estimates medical marijuana sales will hit $1.3 billion annually by 2024, with some 450,000 registered users.


Extended Opportunities:

Clinical research is intensifying resulting in additional sales opportunities in the areas of topical applications (such as balms, oils, lotions), further expanding the industry.