Cannigistics has developed an efficient application management framework that can help any business to optimize their operational efficiency and user specific processes.

With the significant reporting requirements and regulatory scrutiny that is constantly evolving and expanding, purpose-built software like Cannigistics is key to maximizing success.

On December 9th, 2014, Cannigistics was acquired by Calyx Bio-Ventures Inc.



Cannigistics has extensive experience in creating and implementing enterprise application frameworks across several industries.

By developing and employing a framework approach, Cannigistics is able to deliver a consistent result while creating a unique and custom solution for the customer.

Being at the forefront of this emerging industry, Cannigistics is well positioned to become a significant participant in this space.



Your Success Really Matters

Compliance and Records Management

“Our approach sets the bar high when it comes to compliance and record management”

By providing a greater insight into your operations, your business will improve their business optics through what we describe as “Compliant Integration Management”.

Business Insight Tools

Real-time access to “Business Intelligence” for all operational aspects of your business. With insight comes the ability to make smarter, more informed decisions about the business and ultimately increase efficiency…